Rubber farmers urge govt to help buy rubber directly from them


BANGKOK, 30 January 2015 – A group of Para rubber farmers has urged the government to cancel the project to buy primary processed rubbers from the Para Rubber Central Market. The group said it wanted the government to buy rubber at 80 baht/kilo directly from the farmers instead.

The group’s coordinator Sunthon Rakrong on Friday traveled to Government House to submit the group’s demands to the government. He said the rubber purchase at 80 baht/kilo would solve the problem of rubber price drop at its root cause and benefit all groups of rubber farmers. The purchase could also prevent corruption in the government’s assistance for the farmers, Mr Sunthon added.

Furthermore, the group wanted the government to approve emergency budget of 7.5 billion baht as financial aid for 500,000 rubber farmer households.

As for the establishment of the federation of rubber farmer institutes, the group expressed its support for the organization as well as the Thai Rubber draft act which had been reviewed by legislators.