PM Prayut confirms continued state efforts to tackle drought


The Prime Minister has assured the people of Thailand that the government’s determination to tackle the drought crisis in the country is an ongoing process.

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha said during his weekly TV program “Returning Happiness to the People” that the government has been deeply concerned with the impact of the drought crisis on all parties in the country as officials continue their efforts to tackle the enduring problem.

Gen Prayut stated that the Natural Resources Ministry has already been instructed to find new water sources, including the digging of 511 new groundwater wells, and to install turbine water pumps in many of them.

He said that 415 wells have been dug and around 200,000 cubic meters of water can now be pumped out each day.

In addition, the ministry has installed electric pumps at 202 out of a planned 380 wells, enabling the pumping up of about 30,300 cubic meters of water per day, he added.

The PM went on to say that if all the wells are completed by the deadline at the end of July, approximately 350,000 cubic meters of water will be pumped out each day to benefit 100,000 rai of farmland and some 4,000 households.