Phuket steps up safety measures at 24 piers, marinas


Phuket province has enhanced safety measures at 24 piers and marinas throughout the island province as a Phuket Model for safe marine tourism.

Provincial Governor of Phuket Noraphat Plodthong said the safety measures at 24 piers and marinas have been enhanced to better safeguard tourists.

The enhanced measures include the introduction of a common messaging group and mutual operational report forms which include information about responsible officials at each pier, along with their telephone numbers.

The provincial governor said all agencies will focus on the importance of alerting possible dangers to tourist boats and tourists, including rough sea warnings, with clear messages sent to all boats by government agencies. Such notifications will be determined by boat captains for safe navigation.

Phuket province will upgrade the safety measures for marine tourism leading up to the making of the Phuket Model, given the enhancements to the officials’ capabilities, rescue equipment, disaster warning systems and disaster database.