NRC’s economic reform seminar put focus on role of Thailand’s agricultural sector


BANGKOK, 3 May 2015 – A seminar hosted by a committee under the National Reform Council has put focus on the role of the agricultural sector in the development of the country’s economy.

Chairman of the NRC’s committee on the reform of economy and finance Somchai Ruchupan recently chaired the seminar on Thailand’s economic and contract farming system reform, which took place at Chiang Mai University and was joined by related state agencies.

NRC’s member Potjanee Thanavaranit told the seminar that, for Thailand to solve the problem of inequality, a multi-faceted development of the agricultural sector was needed, from the farmers themselves to the output, the land management and the zoning system.

Ms. Potjanee added that Thai farmers should be encouraged to enter the contract farming system, by ensuring its fairness and collaborating with the private sector in offering an insurance program for them.

Meanwhile, Mr. Somchai suggested that the contract farming system is a new approach for the agricultural sector that will help boost yield and its quality while possibly offering farmers more income if implemented property.