‘Niwatthamrong’ talks with Japan for more Thai exports under JTEPA


BANGKOK, 13 Dec 2013 Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce Minister Niwatthamrong Bunsongphaisan is holding talks with Japan to allow more Thai exports to that country under the available free trade frameworks, according to the Department of Foreign Trade (DFT). 

DFT Director General Nantawan Sakuntanak revealed that Mr. Niwatthamrong is scheduled to attend several meetings in Japan during December 12-14, 2013. Among those meetings are the ASEAN-Japan summit and the 5th meeting between Japan and leaders of countries in the Sub-Mekong Region. The minister is also being engaged in a discussion under the Japan-Thailand Economic Partnership Agreement (JTEPA) and a talk aimed at lifting the Japanese ban on imports of Thai frozen chicken.

According to the Director General, Thailand is asking Japan to open its market to more Thai agricultural products under the free-trade commitments of JTEPA. Those products include rice, sugarcane, processed pork, fish products and processed cereals & tapioca.

Meanwhile, Japan wants Thailand to lower import tax on Japanese cars with engines bigger than 3,000 CC. The deal, if approved, might prompt Thailand to seek greater quota for its exports of steel to Japan, the Director General said.