New metro fare to come into effect in July


BANGKOK, 28 June 2012  – The Bangkok Metro Public Company Limited (BMCL) has announced an adjustment to the metro fare, which is scheduled to come into effect in July 2012. 

The BMCL has disclosed that it will hold a special promotion period to help relieve the public’s financial burdens by maintaining the metro fare at the current rate of 15-40 baht for passengers using single journey tokens and standard stored-value cards from 3rd July to 2nd October 2012. Under the contract made with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, the BMCL has been authorized to raise the transportation fare to 16-40 baht starting next month.

Meanwhile, a new rate will be applied to other types of tickets for children, senior citizens and students. The new fare will be effective during 3rd July 2012-2nd July 2014. However, a 50% discount will still be maintained for children and senior citizens.

Starting on 1st July, the price of the 30-Day Pass will be adjusted upward from 1,200 baht to 1,400 baht in line with the new fare rate. However, the 1-Day Pass and the 3-Day Pass will be maintained at the same price of 120 and 230 baht, respectively.