MOT reveals political situation delaying 2015 budget disbursements


BANGKOK, 28 March 2014 The Minister of Transport (MOT) has revealed that the political situation has resulted in the delay of the 2015 budget disbursement, affecting the construction plans of mega projects.

Mr. Chatchart Sithipan, as Transport Minister said the protracted political situation has delayed the MOT’s budget disbursement. Not only regular projects but also mega projects planned for 2015 must wait for a new Government and the approval of the Cabinet. The projects in 2015 include the SRT Double Track Railway; Pink Line rapid mass transit train, and the Orange Line rapid mass transit train which need planning revisions and approval from the cabinet. Also, the minimum loan of 1,000 million baht cannot be sought.

Projects that are approved include The Red Line Mass Transit System; Project Bang Sue – Rangsit; MRTA Purple Line; the Blue Line, Northern Green Line, and Southern Green Line. These projects are accounted for in the framework of 10,000 billion Baht disbursements. Furthermore, political problems in Thailand are affecting the confidence of foreign investors considering investment in the country’s major new infrastructure.