MOI believes export recovery in this year’s latter half


BANGKOK, 12 July 2015 – The Ministry of Industry (MOI) is confident that the export sector will recover in the second half of this year, urging SME entrepreneurs to develop products that meet the foreign markets’ demands, says the MOI Permanent-Secretary.

The Permanent-Secretary of MOI Atchaka Sibunruang has revealed the overall situation of Thai SME businesses, saying there has been a deceleration due to low consumption, lower exports, and sluggish global economic recovery. However during the latter half of this year, exports are expected to recover due to orders from abroad.

Products and services that are poised for good growth are electronic parts, communications devices, medical devices, automobile parts, foods and drinks, energy, construction material, as well as transport and logistics.

On the preparation of SME entrepreneurs for the ASEAN Community, the MOI Permanent-Secretary states that the ministry has been continuously holding projects to improve the preparedness of entrepreneurs and staff in the industry sector.

She has said that the ministry expects prepare SME entrepreneurs allowing their business to expand to other ASEAN countries with trainings to 5,600 entrepreneurs and staff, development campaign for 600 companies, and creating 14 networks in 2015.

On the cooperation between Thailand and Japan, the Tokyo SME Support Center will be established this October to serve Thai and Japanese entrepreneurs who wish to invest in each other countries. The center will provide more efficient services to SME owners, and provide new services and management in other categories to increase SMEs competitiveness.

The MOI is also set to hold the Thailand Industry Expo 2015 on 22-27 September 2015 at IMPACT Exhibition Center in Nonthaburi, initiated from the Prime Minister’s policy to develop the industry sector, government enterprises, and community enterprises using innovations to improve the manufacturing process.

The MOI Permanent-Secretary has said that this event will be an important occasion for Thai SMEs to create business partnership, and improve their products to meet the variety of demands from buyers.