Lat Krabang Industrial Estate to be protected from the northern flow


BANGKOK, 21 October 2011 -Industry Minister MD Wannarat Charnukul has inspected flood walls surrounding the Lay Krabang Industrial Estate as flooding in the area is imminent.

According to the Industry Minister, the earthen dykes have been reinforced to protect places within the industrial site such as the water treatment plant, the draining station and the bird park from flooding. In addition to the barriers, large concrete tubes have also been placed behind the dykes to add another layer of protection.

The barriers are now 3.5 meters tall and the reinforcement on the walls will be completed in a few days time before the arrival of the northern flow in the next 4-5 days. He assured that the Lat Krabang Industrial Estate would be protected.

As for the upcoming BOI Fair at Impact Arena, the Industry Minister said a barrier of 1.2 meters tall had been constructed to prevent the overflow; however, he added if the torrent arrived at a fast speed, the wall might not be able to withstand such force.