Labor Ministry to hold special event to solve labor shortage in East


BANGKOK, 24 February 2012  – The Labor Ministry is scheduled to host a special event to help solve the problem of labor shortage in the country’s eastern region.

Mr. Phadermchai Sasomsub, Minister of Labor, said on Thursday that a special labor market in the Eastern seaboard area will soon be organized to allow potential workers to meet prospective employers.

The plan to host such an event was originated by the shortage of workers in the region.

Mr. Phadermchai revealed the plan after his meeting with executives from Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), who have also been informed of the special event plan.

He said JETRO has expressed gratitude for the Ministry’s initiative to help Japanese business operators in Thailand solve the problem of labor shortage.

The Labor Minister stated that in order to efficiently tackle the problem, the event must focus on the matching of local labors and businesses that are present in the similar locality.

He has also assigned the provincial employment offices in the East to conduct a survey on the types of labor needed by local businesses in order to help it efficiently execute the labor market project.