KBANK provides new credit options to support SMEs


BANGKOK, 11 July 2012  – Kasikorn Bank is providing credit services to help support small-sized enterprises with financial access.

Executive Vice President of SME Business Division of Kasikorn Bank Patchara Samalapa revealed that Kasikorn Bank is supporting small-sized enterprises whose total sales do not exceed 50 million baht with an access to financial resources. The credit services or loans to be provided will carry more options regarding interest rates, installments, and flexible time of payment. Kasikorn Bank’s expecting around 2,000 SMEs to receive the service or 5,000 million baht worth of loans this year.

The loan comes with 3 options which are 1.) An SME can choose its own interest rate system that suits the company’s format, including fixed interest rate, step-up interest rate, and floating interest rate, 2.) An SME can choose a preferred method of payment, such as regular payment, payments with the same interest rate throughout payment period, balloon payments, and seasonal payments, 3.) An SME can have a flexible day of payment that most suits the company.