Japanese investors affirm business expansion in Thailand


BANGKOK, 19 September 2015  – Japanese investors have confirmed they will continue their business and investment expansion in Thailand, but voiced their concerns over the lack of Thai skilled labor for their hi-tech industries. 

Japanese Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand Shiro Sadoshima on Friday met with Minister of Industry Atchaka Sibunruang, to discuss various cooperation projects between Thailand and Japan.

Ambassador Sadoshima reaffirmed that the Japanese private sector would continue to move forward with their Thai counterparts, and that several companies already had continuing investment plans in Thailand.

He, however, was concerned about the lack of skilled workers in hi-tech industries, as well as researchers. To address the issue, Ambassador Sadoshima said Japan would utilize the service of about 40 Japanese educational institutes which have representatives in Thailand to produce supporting personnel for Japanese industries.

He stated the Japanese government will hold talks with Japanese-Thai institutions to share campuses with other universities in order to increase the number of graduates in the fields that Japanese industries demand.