ICT sets 6 months to self-transform to Digital Ministry


BANGKOK, June 2015 – Minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Pornchai Rujiprapa revealed that the ICT Ministry has set a six-month timeframe for transforming itself to the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society.

For the next six months starting July 2015, the ICT ministry will lay down new administrative structure, regulatory changes and staff rearrangement in order to make the ministry a core unit to support the digital technology-based economy and industries. As a result, the Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA) under the ministry will be changed to the “Office of Digital Economy Promotion”.

The ICT Mministry has set five strategies in working with other units namely the development of physical infrastructure, the setting up of e-transaction security and confidence, creating infrastructure for digital services, the economic stimulation using digital technologies and the establishment of quality digital society.

The new Ministry of Digital Economy and Society and its affiliate — the Office of Digital Economy Promotion, will be the main bodies to push forward the Thai economic growth. In a short-term goal, the government has aimed to upgrade competitiveness of the Thai business sector. Sustainable development of the Thai economy is the higher goal which is set to be achieved in a longer period.