Govt urged not to intervene in egg market


BANGKOK, 4 November 2013 The government has been urged not to intervene in the egg market as prices of eggs are already at the rates they are supposed to be. 

The Layer Farmer Association said the current prices of eggs have slightly gone up due to the increasing demand, adding that the average price of eggs in the market was 3.2 baht per one egg whereas production cost was 3 baht. The association forecast that the average price would go up to 3.4 baht at the end of 2013, which he said was acceptable for both the producers and the consumers.

According to the association, the current average price of eggs is considerably low when compared to other protein-rich products, adding that the market mechanism will kick in when the price is adjusted up, while urging the Commerce Ministry not to intervene as the move could ruin the market system.