Gov to hire flood-affected workers at least 300 THB as a part of industrial rehabilitation


BANGKOK, 28 October 2011  – The government prepares to hire flood-affected workers at 300 THB per day to help rehabilitate industrial estates while manufacturers are willing to pay 75% of the total wage during the production suspension.

Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce Minister Kittiratt Na Ranong stated that the government has approved a budget of approximately 325,000 THB to assist the flood-affected businesses. Aiming so, the government is ready to hire all of the flood-affected workers to help renovate the damaged industrial estates and civil offices, paying them at least 300 THB per day.

Meanwhile, more than 95% of the entrepreneurs agree on paying their workers 75% of their total wages during the months of product suspension. They also gave their personal voices that Social Security Fund payment should be omitted in order to reduce the workers’ financial burdens, still, leaving it to the Social Security Office’s consideration. Moreover, the government is ready to play a leading role in the rehabilitation of the industrial sector including buying and repairing machineries and instruments as well as giving assistance to all private businesses as proposed by the Federation of Thai Industries.

Mr Kittiratt reassured that the shortage of necessary products has already been resolved. As for the domestic manufacturers’ concerns over the fact that the government has imported certain kinds of necessary goods such as drinking water, the government will give the main importance to the domestic manufacturers but it needs to import some products because of delivery difficulties.