Foreign affairs ministry: Thailand is not cracking down on Cambodian illegal workers


BANGKOK, 29 June 2014 – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed Thailand wants to regulate alien workers while denying that it only deals with those from Cambodia.

Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sek Wannamethi said many Cambodian workers had traveled back to Cambodian since they had been panicked over the rumors that the Thai government would arrest them and their employers had feared that they would face legal actions from hiring illegal workers.

The Thai government enforced laws as usual without cracking down on illegal workers especially those from Cambodia, the spokesman said. The government had helped take a lot of illegal Cambodian workers to border crossings without pressing charges against them.

The government was ready to investigate the allegations that Thai officers had violated human rights of illegal workers in order to provide justice for all sides and punish the wrongdoers, said the spokesman. He added that the National Council for Peace and Order was trying to legalize illegal alien workers in Thailand.