Fonterra dairy products to be pulled out of local market


BANGKOK, 5 Aug 2013, New Zealand’s dairy products giant Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited has issued a warning that its milk products exported to to 8 trading partner companies in 6 countries including Thailand may have contained botulism bacteria. 

In light of Fonterra’s move to recall its product, Deputy Secretary General of Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), Srinuan Kodchakorn said the FDA has instructed the local importers of the New Zealand’s products to quickly pull the goods bought during May 2013 off the shelves.

The FDA will today conduct a random inspection of processed milk powder in local markets, the Deputy Secretary General said, adding that the next batch of imported dairy products will be subject to FDA’s thorough inspection before being released to the public.

The botulism bacteria can cause weakness when introduced into the body, and is lethal if ingested by small children. The contaminated milk cannot be detected by naked eyes.

Thai leading processed milk provider Dumex has recently recalled several of its products, including Dupro Formula 2, Hi-Q Formula 1 and 2, Hi-Q Formula Super Gold Formula 1 and 2, all of which were produced between April and May of this year.