Finance Permanent Secretary joins seminar on improvement of Thais’ potential


BANGKOK – A seminar has been organized to help improve Thai people’s potential ahead of further economic and trade liberalization.

Permanent Secretary to the Finance Ministry Somchai Sujjapongse, over the weekend chaired the opening of the seminar “The First Step, with Inspiration — Inspired Leadership” at Arnoma Hotel in Bangkok.

In his opening speech, Mr. Somchai said that the preparation and the recognition of the importance of liberalization of any kind will help all envision the future of Thailand more efficiently.

He added that, such a process will also facilitate the development of the country’s economics, society, education and politics as well as the people.

The seminar was divided into different parts, including preparations for the start of the ASEAN Economic Community, the process of self-recognition to prepare for a full-scale Creativity-based Economy, and the sustainable creation of brands as well as the search for life purpose and passion.