Finance Ministry to discuss with cabinet over “First Car Buyer” policy extension


Bangkok, July 23 2012  – Finance Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong will be discussing with the cabinet over the extension of the “First Car Buyer” policy

Mr. Kittiratt has stated that the government’s “First Car Buyer” policy which gives car buyers up to 100,000 baht back on their tax returns could be extended to next year from its original plan due to the delay in car delivering process. Even though the car factories have been producing cars at the full capacity, there’s still a lot of demand and the manufacturers cannot fill the orders by the time of the original policy expires.

He added that there have been many discussions and controversies over the policy. As a result, the Finance Ministry will have to talk over the issue with the cabinet whether the “First Car Buyer” policy should be extended or not. At present, many car buyers will who place their orders will have to wait until after the middle of next year for the cars to be delivered thanks to the huge backlog of orders.