Energy committee to increase oil fund contribution


BANGKOK, 11 April 2012  – The National Energy Policy Committee has agreed to increase the Oil Fund contribution by one baht per liter for benzene 95 and 91 to encourage people to use gasohol. 

According to Energy Minister Arak Chonlatanon, the committee has agreed to increase the contribution to the Oil Fund by one baht per liter for benzene, 41 satang per liter for LPG, and 50 satang per kilogram for NGV. Meanwhile, the contributions for diesel and gasohol remain the same.

This is the fourth time the levy has been increased this year. The new prices will be effective on April 16th. Retail LPG price will stand at 11.41 baht per liter and NGV at 10.50 baht per kilogram.

Mr Arak said the move which widens further the gap between benzene and gasohol prices will indirectly persuade motorists to consume more gasohol and less gasoline.