Egg prices expected to fall back to normal within 2 weeks


BANGKOK, 10 Sep 2013 Egg prices are expected to drop to their normal rate within 2 weeks. 

According to Miss Vibunluck Ruamrak, Director General of the Department of Internal Trade (DIT), the currently high egg price situation is the direct result of seasonal weather change.

At present, the average wholesale price of eggs is as high as 3.50 baht, climbing up from the recent rate of 3.30 baht per egg.

She claimed that the weather change has caused the overall egg production to drop to 34 million eggs daily, compared to 37 million previously. Coincidentally, the demand for eggs in the domestic market is also 34 million per day.

Thus, Miss Vibunluck brushed off the speculations that the price surge was caused by shortages of feed and hens. She warned food vendors not to take the opportunity to unfairly readjust prices of ready-to-eat meals.

Nonetheless, the Egg Board is scheduled to meet today to discuss various measures to assist hen raisers. Miss Vibunluck said she would also propose a suspension of egg exports for the time being to allow egg prices to return to normal. In the meantime, the DIT will accelerate distribution of low-price eggs under its ‘Blue Flag’ scheme nationwide.