Egg Board fixing farm-front egg price at 3.50 baht


BANGKOK, 18 September 2013 The Ministry of Commerce’s egg policy committee has resolved to continue to cap the farm-front price of chicken eggs at 3.50 baht although it expects the egg price to drop this week. 

Commerce Minister Yukhol Limlaemthong on Tuesday chaired a meeting of the committee, dubbed the ‘Egg Board’, and disclosed afterwards that the decision to maintain the farm-front egg price was because the cost of production of eggs, at 2.94 baht per egg, was still high. According to Mr. Yukhol, the Egg Board could not heed the proposal by the Department of Internal Trade to lower the fixed price further. The proposal was aimed at helping reduce the living costs for the public.

Mr. Yukhol revealed that the Ministry of Commerce may soon hold ‘blue flag’ sales of eggs at farm-front prices, which would help the public gain access to cheaper eggs and also facilitate egg sales by farmers.

Egg hen farmers have been asked to cap the farm-front price for 3 weeks.