Contributions continue for the fund to assist rice growers


LOEI, 8 March 2014 It was reported on Friday that many sectors were continuing to contribute money to the fund to assist rice growers. 

In Loei, provincial governor Wirot Chiwarangsan led a delegation of senior civil servants, businessmen and other members of the public to donate or deposit money into the fund for assistance to rice growers. The fund was set up by the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) to collect money needed to help rice growers who sold their produce under the rice pledging scheme but had not been paid. At least 5 million baht was expected to have been contributed to the fund. Staff of the BAAC were also seen inviting members of the public to make contributions.

In Kalasin, provincial governor Suwit Subongkot presided over the launch of the BAAC initiative to provide loans of 100,000 baht each to unpaid rice growers, for the purpose of allowing the rice growers to fund their paddies or cover other expenses as they wait for the payments owed to them.

In Rayong, provincial governor Wichit Chatphaisit presided over the launch of a similar initiative at the BAAC’s Rayong branch, and personally contributed 15,000 baht to the assistance fund and made another 2,000 baht donation for the farmers.