Commerce Ministry leads Thai entrepreneurs to Myanmar


BANGKOK, 11 April 2012  – The Commerce Ministry has recently led a group of Thai business giants to Myanmar to open up more trade and investment opportunities. 

Deputy Commerce Minister Phum Saraphol revealed that he recently led a group of representatives from the CPF, PTT Exploration and Production, Thai Airways International, and Bangkok Airways to Myanmar. They met with Thai investors in Myanmar to discuss obstacles and opportunities in doing business in the neighboring country.

He said the Thai government has asked Myanmar to promote the popularity of Thai products among the Burmese and reduce barriers on fruit imports. The Commerce Ministry has set the target of fruit, vegetable, frozen product, and dried food exports to Myanmar this year at 1.3 billion US dollars worth or 15-20% increase from last year’s.

According to the Deputy Commerce Minister, Thai companies in Myanmar find the country suitable for investment owing to its 60 million population and plentiful agricultural resources. Mr Phum stated that the opening of the nation is a challenge for Thai investors, but they have to study in detail opportunities obstacles before investing.