Commerce Ministry joins hands with ASEAN rice producers to set rice standards


BANGKOK, 31 May 2012  – The Ministry of Commerce has collaborated with counterparts in other ASEAN rice-producing nations to establish a set of standards for rice in an attempt to boost prices of rice exports. 

Commerce Minister Boonsong Teriyapirom has disclosed that the Ministry has joined forces with other rice producers in the ASEAN region, including Vietnam and Cambodia, to set the standard of rice with the objective of creating a clear distinction between Thai rice and products of other countries. Accordingly, Thai rice has been classified as product of high quality and, thus, has a higher price than the produce of other nations within the region. The collaboration has also contributed to the elevation of prices for ASEAN rice exports while reducing competition within the region.

Regarding the release of Thai rice to foreign markets, the Commerce Minister said that many countries have expressed interest to purchase rice under a government-to-government contract. Therefore, Thailand has come under no pressure to sell rice at a low price like its competitors. Moreover, the government has already signed MoUs on rice supplies with Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines, among others. It is expected that rice exports under G-to-G deals will reach 2 million tons this year.