Commerce Ministry: 2012 export to expand 15%


BANGKOK, 2 April 2012  – The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Commerce Ministry, has estimated that the export figure this year will expand by at least 15%. 

DITP Director-General Nantawan Sakultanak has revealed that the export this year is expected to value over 8 trillion baht. Although the first quarter export figure has increased very little due to the ongoing recovery from the flood, Ms Nantawan said the export sector will expand more in the second quarter and it will be back to normal on the third and fourth quarters.

The DITP has planned to launch nearly 1,000 export promotion activities this year. They consist of international trade fairs in Thailand and abroad, road shows, sales promotions for foreign importers, business matchups, and entrepreneur development courses.

Ms Nantawan said the entrepreneurs have to face rising production costs, mainly due to the 300-baht minimum wage, fuel costs, and weak baht. She said the weak baht policy of the Finance Ministry will help Thai exporters in the short-term; but they have to see if the market mechanism experiences any unusual movement.