“Cluster of electronic industry suppliers” is key to stronger bargaining power, DITP suggests


BANGKOK, 30 April 2015 – Director-General of the International Trade Promotion Department (DITP) Nuntawan Sakuntanaga suggested Thai suppliers of electronic products to strengthen their bargaining power by building trading network in a form of cluster and work collectively.

Her suggestion came in the wake of an increasing number of Thai suppliers in the global electronic market. Last year, Thai exports of electronic goods brought in US$33,000 million to the country. Major markets were the United States, Hong Kong and China while their stakes in the secondary markets like Taiwan, Myanmar and South Korea were also expanding.

Mrs.Nuntawan noted that the exports of Thai electronic products have a tendency to grow well particularly Hards Disk Drive and Integrated Circuit (IC) boards which are in great demand in various industries including car production.

Mrs. Nuntawan said the DITP has plans to develop research work and production technology in order to support Thai suppliers to meet the market demand.