Chonburi and EEC residents urged to lower water consumption by 10%, Deputy PM


BANGKOK – Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan has urged companies and residents within the region of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) to lower their water consumption as the fresh water supply in the area is running low.

General Prawit together with his advisors, who included all heads of departments responsible for managing water resources, and governors of related provinces, visited Chonburion Wednesday to inspect water supplies.

After the inspection, General Prawit shared that despite some precipitation which feeds water into the region’s reservoirs, the quantity is considered low which could lead to many areas within the EEC experiencing water shortages. To combat the threat, the officials have formulated urgent plans to manage the water supply to make sure that there is sufficient water to supply all individuals and businesses until the end of the drought season.

Secretary-General of the Office of National Water Resources Dr. Somkiat Prajamwong explained further that the government has created water networks to supply water to the three major reservoirs within the region, namely Prasae Reservoir and Nong Pla Lhai Reservoir in Rayong province, and Bang Phra Reservoir in Chonburi province. The three reservoirs will circulate a water supply to nearby streams while in turn pumping water from those resources to fill the reservoirs.

In preparation for the possibility of extreme shortages, the government is planning to purchase 14 million cubic meters of water from the private sector in the area, to feed into the system. Dr. Somkiat assured residents of the area that there would be sufficient water for consumption in the EEC until the end of May. However, residents and companies especially factories within the area, are urged to use water sparingly, ideally at least 10% less than their usual consumption, at this time. (NNT)