Central Wage Committee yet to postpone new minimum wage implementation in 70 provinces


BANGKOK, 3 May 2012  – Thailand’s Central Wage Committee is yet to consider postponing the implementation of the new minimum wage policy throughout the country, as called for by the private sector. 

Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Labor Somkiat Chayasriwong, who chairs the Central Wage Committee, said that the Committee’s meeting on Wednesday has not looked at a proposal to put off the implementation of the 300-baht minimum wage policy in 70 other provinces from 2013 to 2015.

The postponement proposal was made by representatives of the private sector.

Mr. Somkiat said that the Central Wage Committee felt that such a decision on the matter could be premature for the time-being, as the new wage policy has only been implemented in 7 pilot provinces for one month.

He stated that constant changes may confuse business operators while noting that the evaluation of the new policy implementation is scheduled after 3 months since the raise has been in effect.

However, the Labor Ministry’s Permanent Secretary conceded that, in case of global economic recession, the 300-baht minimum wage policy in other provinces may have to be deferred.