Cabinet discussed plans to help Thai exporters handle Euro-zone debt crisis fallout


BANGKOK, 4 July 2012  – The Cabinet has discussed at its weekly meeting the plans to help Thai exporters handle the fallout from the financial crisis in Europe.

Deputy government spokesperson Pakdihan Himathongkham said that the Cabinet, on Tuesday, was updated with the progress from the state-initiated workshop on measures to boost Thai exports.

Mr. Pakdihan said that the Prime Minister has noted that, with Thai exports facing problems from both outside and inside the country, the government has instructed all related agencies to come up with various emergency measures to help entrepreneurs cope with both direct and indirect impacts from the Eurozone debt crisis.

He stated that long-term measures, focusing on the finding of new markets and production bases within ASEAN, have been mulled.

In addition, the Cabinet has recognized many problems faced by flood-hit businesses, which ranged from liquidity problems, labor and raw material shortages, logistics-related issues to marketing glitches.

The deputy government spokesperson said that 5 committees have, accordingly, been set up to follow up on these problems, especially in the areas of new overseas production bases, which are to be completed by the end of this year.