BOI eyes oversea investments before AEC 2015


BANGKOK, 7 May 2012 -Board of Investment Secretary General Mrs. Atchaka Sibunruang said that in preparation for the upcoming economic integration in the ASEAN region, the BOI will focus on promoting industries that are using advance technology and encouraging the expansion of industrial investment overseas. 

Mrs. Atchaka said high technology industries, such as food, auto, electronics and petroleum, all of which are the country’s strength; will receive additional supports in order for them to be able to further increase their product value.

The BOI, Mrs. Atchaka added, will encourage Thai entrepreneurs to invest overseas thanks to their strong business profiles and the recent wage hike. The latter factor may force them, according to her, to look for cheaper labors elsewhere in the region so as to lower their production cost.

The Board of Investment Secretary General said the ASEAN Economic Community, which will come into being in 2015, will see Thailand expanding its technological development in agriculture, automotive and electronics to its surrounding neighbors.