Billions of baht in circulation at Money Expo 2012


BANGKOK, 22 May 2012  – The Money Expo 2012 attracted over 850,000 visitors and recorded as much as 92.91 billion baht worth of transactions. 

Chairman of the organizing committee of the Money Expo 2012 Santi Viriyarungsarit has disclosed that the total visitor count of the 12th Money Expo stood at over 850,000. Organized during 17-20 May, the four-day event saw over 92,729 transactions, worth over 92.91 billion baht, for services with participating financial institutions, such as banks, gold traders and insurance companies.

The most popular product during the Money Expo 2012 was home loans, with a total value worth 56.16 billion baht. Mr. Santi explained that home loans have always been the most subscribed to service at the Money Expo, generating a revenue of 50-60 billion baht/year, with the exception of 2011. He also pointed out that the government’s 0% loan scheme for first-time home buyers has contributed to the increased value of home loan applications.

Other popular services among visitors of the event included SME loans (25.58 billion baht), savings (5.18 billion baht), mutual fund (1.51 billion baht), personal loans (1.13 billion baht) and insurance policies (808 million baht).