Bangchak to open gas stations in neighboring countries


BANGKOK, 21 September 2011 – Bangchak Petroleum Public Co.,Ltd has planned to spend 25 billion THB in its new investment projects over the next five years.

According to Bangchak Petroleum President Anusorn Sangnimnuan, the 25 billion THB budget will be spent on improvement of Bangchak’s refineries, production of alternative energy, and business expansion overseas.

Bangchak has planned to open gas stations throughout Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and China after the inauguration of ASEAN Economic Community in 2015. The project is expected to start next year.

The giant energy supplier is also set to increase the number of E-20 gasohol stations in the country to 600 within next year in order to meet the growing demand. Currently the number of cars using E-20 has risen to one million.