Ayutthaya industrial estate assured of flood-free status


BANGKOK, July 24 – Construction of a 5km long anti-flood dyke, to protect one of Thailand’s major industrial estates in the old capital of Ayutthaya, costing Bt40 million, will be completed this month, according to a senior official of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT).

IEAT deputy governor Jakkarat Lertopas said the original dyke at Saha Rattana Nakhon industrial estate in Ayutthaya has been raised 50cm higher to ensure safety from floods this year.

The industrial estate was severely damaged by the massive 2011 floods which swept through Thailand’s lower-northern and central plains regions.

This is a temporary dyke, he said, noting that a permanent 7km-long flood protection embankment will be finished around July-August next year.

He said two-thirds of the budget for the permanent embankment, more than Bt200 million, will be contributed by the government.

The permanent anti-flood wall will be 50cm higher than the highest level of the 2011 floodwaters.

Mr Jakkarat said the IEAT gave assurances that the Saha Rattana Nakorn industrial estate, covering 30,000 rai or 12,000 acres,  will not be hit by flooding again thanks to a more sophisticated anti-flood system.

The government’s planned Bt350 billion investment in water management will also be helpful to a number of other industrial estates, he said.

In addition to high anti-flood walls, most industrial estates including Ban Wah (hi-tech) and Bang Pa-in are equipped with pumps to release flood water out of the embankments.

Mr Jakkarat said the IEAT has also purchased anti-flood equipment to support industrial estates in case of emergency.