Approval of 3G licenses pending conclusions on service details


BANGKOK, 19 April 2013 The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has not been able to endorse the 3G licenses of three mobile phone service providers as conclusions are yet to be drawn on three issues related to their services. 

The three issues concerning the 3G licenses which the NTC was unable to conclude consist of how long the service providers should take to deliberate on consumer complaints, who consumers can go to if unwanted SMS messages are received, and how much time a client should be given after a request for service termination has been filed.

The NTC has told the legal team and those responsible for consumer rights to find conclusions on these matters and propose them to the NTC during the meeting on April 29. The 3 mobile phone operators – DTAC, TRUE and AIS – are expected to be able to provide 3G services to their clients in May as planned if all details are finalized within this month.

The NTC is also in the process of drafting a contract for providers, which is aimed to standardize all mobile phone services in Thailand. The standard contract is expected to be enforced in 2 months.