Active economy, investment spur Thai employment


BANGKOK, April 1 – The number of those gainfully in Thailand’s work force reached 38.81 million persons in February, an increase from 38.08 million in January and 38.06 million  year-on-year, according to the National Statistical Office (NSO).

The agency said 420,000 people were newly-hired in the non-agricultural sector which reported a total 25.03 million people in the work force – a sign of the country’s improved economy.

Construction in which 240,000 new workers were hired was the sector with the highest increase in employment due to rapid growth in the property industry and state investment, followed by hotel and food services (170,000 new workers), wholesale and retail sales and repair services for automobiles and motorcycles (70,000 new workers), manufacturing (50,000 new workers) and state service administration and national defence (40,000 new workers).

The NSO reported that 13.78 million people were employed in the agricultural sector as of February, an increase by 330,000 jobs from January and 450,000 jobs from February last year.

Unemployment in February was reported at 245,000, representing 0.6 per cent – a decrease by 11,000 people from last year. Unemployment reportedly affected 321,000 people in January and 245,000 workers in February.