Yet another “no parking” zone available for parking


No one stops for red lights at Pattaya’s dozens of pedestrian crossings and everyone ignores zebra crossings and the red-and-white no-parking curb painting. So it should surprise no one that drivers also pay no heed to yellow-painted crosses on the pavement meant to prevent cars from blocking traffic.

The “no parking spots” most often seen at the entrances of government offices in busy areas, supposedly mean no stopping at any time, according to the Land Traffic Act. Doing so, on paper, can subject drivers to 500 baht fines.

But as this Feb. 2 photo shows, the “Wait for Lights Here” area near the intersection of Sukhumvit and Central Roads has become yet another place to park anywhere you want.

In a city where police only enforce traffic-law enforcement when there’s something in it for them, its easy to understand why people think there are no reprisals for doing as they will with their vehicles. But, for the record, you could get fined, so don’t park there.