Jumbled wires cause concern


Pattaya denizens have become inured to spaghetti-like jumbles of power and utility lines hanging from city power poles, but when the wires hit the ground and begin sparking, it draws attention.

Such has been the case for three months near the intersection of Central and Sukhumvit roads, where a long tangle of wires has been creating a menace for pedestrians.

Local motorbike-taxi driver Praserd Boonsung, 34, said the wires had been tucked away high on a utility pole until the rainy season, when storms knocked them loose. At times, the live wires have set off sparks, causing concern among those walking nearby.

No one with any jurisdiction over the wires – city hall, local cable TV operators, TOT (Public) Co. or the Provincial Electrical Authority – have shown any interest in fixing the problem, however.