Crossing North Pattaya Road is risky business


Pedestrian crossings in Pattaya are always a risky proposition, with most signals simply blinking and motorists ignoring red lights. But one of the few that actually have worked in North Pattaya now has joined the list of the dysfunctional.

The crossing at issue is near the Dolphin Roundabout where pedestrians cross between Second and North roads.

The button to trigger the “walk” sign is broken and has been for a while. Furthermore, there is a long distance between the button and the actual zebra crossing. Many pedestrians cannot make it across the street before the signal turns again.

The crosswalk button and crosswalk are too far apart.The crosswalk button and crosswalk are too far apart.

Crossing safety often requires the help of volunteers or motorbike taxis to push the button for pedestrians.

Both local residents and tourists want city hall to fix the problem.