Zero to 100 km/h under one second


No, it’s not an F1 car. No, it’s not supercharged, it’s not even a car – it is the KillaCycle, billed as being the world’s fastest electric motorcycle (not to mention the fastest EV of any type). Among other things, the owners advise other aspiring E-crotch-rocket-makers to use heated lithium-ion phosphate batteries in a well-designed pack, implement a good battery management system, and to use parallel power flows instead of gathering the current. I also suggest roping yourself to the seat to stop flying off the back of the bike.

The hype around the KillaCycle is only part of the interest in electric motorcycles, with experts now predicting that the magic 100 mph lap of the TT Circuit at the Isle of Man (IOM) will be broken this year. The top performer is the MotoCzysz (pronounced ‘MotoSiss’) which has been clocked at 260 kph and has already won the IOM TT Zero class last year and an e-race at Laguna Seca in the USA. The electric bike also produces 340 Nm of torque, which should definitely be enough to break the magic ton. My motorcycle correspondent Alan Coates will be at the IOM TT (as usual) again, and will report directly on the races. Watch this space.

KillaCycle KillaCycle