Why Kimi could just be a little upset


Much publicity in the popular press with stories regarding Kimi Raikkonen and his unhappiness with the “Lotus” team that he has been driving for all year. Muttered hints are being published as to the fact that Kimi has not been paid this year, and that he threatened to boycott the final three GP’s of the year. I have received from a well informed source who was in the paddock at Abu Dhabi that indeed, Kimi has not been paid, and the sum outstanding is now at 22 million USD. That figure comes from salary and bonuses applied for every point scored during the championship.

Perhaps I could sell this trophy.Perhaps I could sell this trophy.

With a new sponsor having just come on board, Kimi should now get his back pay, but what is going to happen to Hulkenberg if he moves to “Lotus” for next year?

By the way, if you are wondering as to why I place inverted commas around the word “Lotus”, it is because this team, once called Renault, has no real connection with Colin Chapman’s Lotus team, and they are just playing on the name. There is no shared DNA between this team and the illustrious Lotus team of Chapman.