Want to join the E30 race club?


The yellow E30 4 door that runs in the Retro Nitto 3K F5 and F6 classes is for sale.  Fitted with a 3 liter Toyota 2JZ (normally aspirated) it certainly has a powerful engine.  

Those who have looked at it closely say the car is a little rough, but nothing that some TLC won’t fix.

BMW E30 racer like this one. BMW E30 racer like this one.

It laps Bira around the 1min 14’s and normally in the top three in its class.  Opening bids for this E30, ready to go with wheels / tyres etc., is only 300,000 THB.  Difficult to beat this for performance at the price.  Contact Gavin Charlesworth for more details [email protected].