This is ridiculous


Motoring mate in Australia has sent me the details on the latest station wagon from General Motors – Holden. With GMH winding down manufacturing in Australia, management has been looking at ways to ensure they are not left with a pile of unsalable Holden Commodores. One way is to make limited run models so that they can sell all of them.

Enter the HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) Clubsport LSA wagon that can reach 100 km/h from a standing start in just 4.8 seconds. A station wagon “supercar” if you like, that can carry a complete family, the week’s groceries and stay up with a slow Porsche. Holden’s performance-car partner Holden Special Vehicles has fitted a supercharged V8 to the shopping trolley.

S/C V8 Wagon.

It is the fastest and most powerful family wagon ever made in Australia. There is just one catch. At close to A$90,000 on the road, it is also the most expensive locally-made family wagon.

And it also has a screen with detailed maps of every racetrack in Australia built into its navigation system, to accurately measure lap times for anyone who does weekend track days.

That is weekend track days for you, Mum and the kids, and make sure the eggs are tied down nicely. Ridiculous!