The Stig reveals all!


One of the “Stigs” from the popular TV series Top Gear has spoken out about some of the cars he drove while disguised as The Stig.  Ben Collins, in real life, spills the beans and pours scorn on the Alfa Romeo 8C.  According to the Stig, “The worst supercar I ever drove, was also one of the most beautiful.  

The Alfa Romeo 8C had the kind of looks that suggested she was wearing a suspender belt underneath that red dress.  Her husky V8 voice whispered to you that 450 horsepower (336kW) was ready to tickle your toes with a feather and 100km/h would come in just four seconds.  (But) the stiff suspension reacted violently.

Alfa Romeo 8C Alfa Romeo 8C

The ensuing skid as you entered a corner was jaw-dropping, as the 8C lifted its skirt to reveal not the frilly lace it had promised but, rather, a set of wedding tackle.”

The other dreadful cars were the Fiat Multipla (not available here), the Cadillac Escalade SUV (as crashed by Tiger Woods), the new Dodge Charger and worst of all, the British TVR.