The ideal car for Pattaya?


The WaterCar Panther is probably the coolest amphibian and it’s surprisingly fast. Billed as the Fastest Amphibious Car in the World, it is available for order so if you need a new car it might just be the ideal car for you. But it costs about USD 155,000 in the US. Now add on freight and duty and you are probably looking at six million baht (very rough guess). However, at least you can put off buying a boat if you buy one.

The Panther website has a caution: The Panther is currently offered in two states of completion, Turnkey Minus and Complete Custom. Please note the Complete Custom version may be a challenge or impossible to license and register for street use in some states. In these states the Panther must be purchased as a Turnkey Minus and licensed as a specially constructed vehicle if used on the highway. There is pending federal legislation (HR3274) for low production vehicle manufactures that, if passed, will make the registration of Complete Custom models much easier. Check your local registration requirements before you order.

However, it might be the best way to avoid the Sukhumvit Tunnel and the flooding on Beach Road.

Fast Amphibian.Fast Amphibian.