Some “real” racing


The FIA, Bernie, Uncle Tom Cobblers and all should watch videos taken at the Goodwood Revival. Features you never see in today’s F1 such as drivers working hard in the cockpit, cars sliding on opposite lock, cars able to run beside each other.

Go to .com/watch?v=YbvPhxFw 0XA and also go to battle#x61gKF6dS4 pg05wm.97

The closest we have to that era of racing is the Retro Cars promoted by the Nitto 3K group. This is for cars built before 1985 so includes the BMW E30, Ford Escort, Ford Cortina, Alfa Romeo, Toyota Corolla AE 86 and other Toyotas and Japanese marques and a number of others. There’s even a few Fiats and VW’s. There are enough cars to make for full grids. Full grids means racing all the way through the field. If there are a couple of cars very much faster, then a reverse grid race is always fun for the driver and great for the spectator.

Let’s try and get some of these old race cars out of the sheds they are hiding in.

Retro racing.