Singapore GP this weekend


I have written before about the Singapore Grand Prix and how the organizers seem reluctant to let the F1 circus entertain the crowd, but have arranged to have “acts” such as Linkin Park (obviously failed their spelling lessons), Shakira, a warbler from Colombia with her hit “Waka Waka” (I can hardly wait), a Boy band from Korea (don’t Koreans ever grow older?), something called “Shaggy” from Jamaica (no mention of Scooby-Doo however), some Glee starlet called Charice from the Philippines, and others even more obscure.

I go to rock concerts to hear music.  I go to race meetings to watch motor racing.  I do not need head bangers with my F1.  If the organizers really want to put on an extravaganza, then run 10 categories of races as the lead-up to the top category F1.  What a novel idea – racing cars at an F1 venue.  Put on a “Retro” race and I’ll even take the Securitas Mk 1 Escort down.

Entertainment under lights Entertainment under lights

Having had my gripe, the Singapore Grand Prix will start at 7 p.m. Thai time on the Sunday evening.  We will be watching from our perches at Jameson’s Irish Pub (Soi AR, next to Nova Park) and even though the racing commences at 7 p.m. join us around 6 p.m. for dinner (I do recommend the specials), and a beer and a chat before the race begins.  We watch on the giant screen, with the BBC telecast which is of top value and there are no adverts!  What more do you need?