Retro Racing this weekend at Bira


Finally the ‘Retro’ season kicks off again in the Nitto 3K Retro series for 2012.  The ‘retro’ (pre 1985) category has become on of the most popular categories, with several other promoters incorporating a retro class.

The Nitto 3K Retro Series this year looks to be even more competitive than 2011 as drivers can see that the Retro Series represents the most fun for the money, and remains one of the most affordable classes in racing.

Henk Kiks B-Quik Porsche 944. Henk Kiks B-Quik Porsche 944.

Basically the cars have to be manufactured before 1985, and the classes are then divided on engine types (naturally aspirated or Turbo/supercharged) and whether you run on radials (F5) or racing slicks (F6).

The older styles of car feature less complicated engineering, making it possible for ‘home mechanics’ to prepare and maintain their racing cars.  Most of the cars also comply with road registration, so expensive trailers are not the norm, as most drivers simply drive to the circuit.

There are many makes involved in the series, right from Porsche 944s, through to BMW E30’s, hordes of rear-drive Toyota Corolla DX and many other Toyota types including the AE 86 Levins, a couple of Mk1 Ford Escorts and more.

Henk Kiks’ B-Quik Porsche and Gavin Charlesworth’s EBC Brakes E30 V8 BMW will be amongst the top runners this year.  The Urs Schoenenberg’s team of two E36 BMWs (one driven by US racer Bobby Brooks and the other by Urs) and another Mk 1 Ford Escort, driven by Riccardo Neri (Valentino’s restaurant) are welcome additions this year.

Our Securitas Retro Escort Team which came third last year in the championships has had an upgraded engine for the 2012 season and is now hopefully race-ready, thank you Terry at AVO.  The Escort was taken to the South Pattaya B-Quik workshop to have the wheel alignment set on racing specifications, and they certainly were “quick”.  Thank you K. Mai and your technicians.

Practice is on Friday 4, then Qualifying and a couple of races Saturday 5 from about 11 a.m. and another couple of races Sunday 6, generally one around noon and the other around 2 p.m.  Of course there are other events/categories, so expect a full day.

And if you want to really make a picnic of it, join us in the AA Insurance Brokers hospitality tent on Sunday May 6 where we offer cold drinks, some shade, seats and a sausage sizzle courtesy of Barry Main, the Sausage King.

The tent is on the outside of the hairpin at the end of the straight and has good views of the cars going through that corner and up the hill, then down the back through the difficult and dangerous sweeping right hander.

To find us, come into the circuit via the back gate leading to the pits, about 200 meters before the main entrance off Highway 36.  Go through the tunnel and then turn immediately hard right and follow the dirt road around the outside of the corner and up the incline and look for the red AA hospitality tent.  Say the magic words “Securitas Mk1 Escort” and you’re in!