Red Bull boss decries the loss of ‘Classic F1 racing’


Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz has hit out at Pirelli’s 2013 compounds claiming that they are ruining the racing.

“Formula one no longer has anything to do with ‘classic’ racing,” said Mateschitz, according to the Daily Mirror in the UK.  “Today, it’s not the fastest driver in the fastest car who wins, but the one with the optimum tyre management.  We have even had to scale down our car, because the tyres were not lasting,” he added.  “If we really went as fast as we can, we would need ten to fifteen pit stops.”

Dietrich Mateschitz.Dietrich Mateschitz.

At the same time his racing advisor Helmut Marko has been criticizing Pirelli as well.  Marko argued that the current crop of Pirelli rubber isn’t even lasting for a full lap during qualifying and that this, combined with various other problems created by the new compounds, means we’re not seeing the best of certain drivers and their cars.

Pirelli has announced that it was making changes to its hard compound with immediate effect, and these were the tyres used in Barcelona.