It’s not how fast it goes – it’s how fast it pulls up!


I have been racing cars for many years; too many years? However, one lesson that I learned, the painful hard way, was to pay as much attention to stopping power as to horse power.

Brake rotors getting a little hot.
Brake rotors getting a little hot.

I shudder to remember how many times I have had to do heroic saves after the brakes gave up. I am old enough to remember Ferodo DS11, which were the best you could get in 1970, which would still lie down and die by the third lap of the famous Bathurst circuit.

Switch to today and personal brake problems have become a thing of the past after being put on to EBC pads. These are a top of the line UK brake company, which were difficult to get in Thailand.

Fortunately, an old friend of mine, Gavin Charlesworth has taken the big step to be the EBC man in this country. The EBC products are now much more than just pads, but also cover brake pads, discs, clutches, lines and fluids for cars, trucks and motorcycles for daily use right through to race use – UK and USA made with the largest range available in the world. And remember, road cars also need the best stopping power. You can get more information on the EBC FB page

Gavin’s phone number is 083 019 007.

Tell him the Doc sent you!